Monday, September 14, 2020

Pakistan and politics MOKKA BYPASS SMARTGAGA V6.2

I want to send a message to the people through you that Pakistan's politics is very weak compared to developed and many other countries. 

Since the establishment of Pakistan, there has been chaos in the politics of our country. The presence of less educated people in Parliament, accusations and insults by opponents, politicians working for personal gain instead of national interest, allegations of electoral fraud, increase in daily political parties, ignorance and illiteracy. 

Voting by the people is an act that is like a stain on the politics of Pakistan. Exploiting the poor people, fooling them and using them for their own ends has been the practice of the politicians of Palestine. In the days leading up to the elections, by soliciting votes by soliciting small public issues, by giving money to the people or by threatening them, such apathy is expressed as if they are not citizens of this country. 

in Pakistan Many times the government has been overthrown before the end of its term. Due to the same stupidity and accusations of the politicians, the army has had to take over the government in the form of dictatorship many times, which has made the economy and politics worse. 

Effects formed. Pakistan is the only country in the world in which no Prime Minister could complete his term (five years). Almost every government in Pakistan could not prove to be a sustainable government due to the alliance of several parties. No democratic country. 

The opposition must exist and its first task is to keep an eye on the policies and activities of the government. They seem to be doing it. They are seen criticizing the positive activities of the government instead of the negative ones. 

They never wholeheartedly accept the other party's government. Since Pakistan is a democratic country, it must have politics and politics has been called the soul of democracy anyway. Pakistani politicians should use politics in its true sense. 

When there are no diseases like deception, fraud and lies in politics, then the country will have an educated, conscious, honest and sincere leadership government and the country will develop. Will
Written by Omar Sharif.


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