Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Drills Ertugrul Ghazi INDOOP MAGIC SMARTGAGA V1.0

If you allow your enemy to keep not only your homeland but also a piece of his stone, then misery will
befall us."

With a blink of an eye, Maho Saaduna suddenly appeared on YouTube when her mother stood on her head.

"How long will you keep looking at your mobile?" Get up, there is a lot of work to be done. It is time for
Iftaar . ” Saaduna:“ Just two minutes, Amy. ”
“ You are watching how you do not crawl on her ear. ”
"Hey, let's see, this is a very good drama. Such dramas should be made in Pakistan as well so that our future generations know the history of Islam," said Baba.
"Is that Baba?" Saaduna's younger brother, who was playing a video game near him, suddenly raised his head and spoke!

Saadona and her brother: "Baba, tell us something else about this."
Baba: “Ertugrul Ghazi was the founder of the Ottoman Caliphate. He was a brave, courageous, truthful man who helped everyone in the name of Allah. 

He belonged to the Kai tribe. Later his son Uthman established the Khilafah which was named Ottoman Caliphate. His father's name was Sulaiman Shah. Ertugrul Ghazi had three brothers and his mother's name was Hathan. His tribe was first from Central Asia to Iran and then to Anatolia. In order to escape from the Mongols, he befriended the Ayyubids and the Seljuks. He conquered a stronghold of the Crusaders. 

He also defeated an important Mongol leader. Then Al-Ghazi got up and brought his tribe as a gift near Constantinople. Conquered the problem and brought all the tribes together. After the death of Sultan Aladdin, Ertugrul Ghazi became the Sultan.
"Saaduna and her brother were listening to their father's words with great interest.

" "Then Baba?" They both said together!
Baba: Wars like Ertugrul Ghazi that are rarely found in history but unfortunately we do not know them till today. From the modern construction of the Dome of the Rock, the Masjid al-Haram, a great canal to Makkah and the train project to Makkah.

"Come on, children, the time for Iftar is near," said
Baba, and the two children left thinking.

Readers! What do you say? Have you seen this drama Drills Ertugrul Ghazi? Why is the latter becoming so popular? Other countries are also showing it is also uploaded on YouTube and showing it on PTV in Pakistan. Facebook and Insta are full of ski posts!

So, sir, the special thing is that this is a drama based on the history of Islam. The memory of our nation knows about video games, it knows about Hollywood and Bollywood, but it does not know the basics of Islam. Many countries are also against this drama and are making their own programs against it and in it they are calling the Ottoman Empire an enemy of Islam but the best thing about this Turkish drama is that it humiliates a nation. 

Not shown This drama is the center of interest of those who are attached to history, who can feel spirituality. The dramatic composition of the events of Artfarl and the Ottoman Empire is so excellent that even Hollywood is in danger. I also have a large number of viewers who are not only impressed by its actors but also the plot of the story, From locations and dialogues, even this drama has broken the records of all Hollywood Bollywood series. 

On the other hand, memes related to this drama are also being created on social media. This drama is not just entertainment but leave such an impact. With gags we can further strengthen our faith and give a new impetus to our thoughts and incorporate it into our practical life. 

A complete drama free from pornography that you can watch together with your family. His best message is trust in God, Ertugrul is an ideal example who is not bent on fighting for his religion, may God elevate the status of Ertugrul Ghazi! Amen.

By: Samira M. S. Saiha (Karachi, Pakistan)


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