Friday, September 4, 2020

Education is Light and knee - CRN GAMELOOP

If educational institutions are the center of rot and suffocation, then there will be no standard for our future. Last month, several students raised their voices on social media about the incidents of sexual harassment in educational institutions. 

Talking to the children about these issues on their own is less understandable, so the children have to seek help outside the home. Take it and don't talk to anyone. According to him, most of the older people suffer from the same problem during therapy.

In Pakistani educational institutions, girls often face harassment from their teachers. The teacher who also has the status of a spiritual father forgets that the students have the status of their children. 

Unfortunately, in the cycle of equality with boys, girls cross all the boundaries which in turn creates many problems for them. The suicide of Karachi University student Nadia Ashraf has raised a big question mark over the quality of teachers in Pakistan's educational institutions. 

This is not the first case of suicide. A few years ago, a student of a private college in Lahore ended his life when he failed the result. The parents requested a re-check after their son's death. 

After the re-checking was completed, when the result was ready, the student had topped. Further research revealed that the boy was the most intelligent in the class and in most conversations with teachers he 

Teachers are the spiritual fathers of students, but it is surprising to say that some teachers treat students with sexual harassment and inhumane behavior? Although teachers in educational institutions continue to blackmail students in the name of grading and do not know what to do, it is our moral duty as students to speak out against this inhumane act. 

It is hoped that teachers will Be aware of the status and basic purpose. Looking at this scenario, one recalls the words of a philosopher: Are spreading. "

The suicide of a Karachi University student and her last words written on paper that "Dr. Iqbal Chaudhry will not allow me to have a PhD" have shaken the whole of Pakistan at this time. 

Upon hearing the news of Nadia Ashraf's suicide, I immediately remembered an incident which I have mentioned above. One of my classmates was doing M.Phil from a private university in Lahore. One day when all the friends got together for dinner, during the gossip, he explained the ways to complete M.Phil. He said that there was a girl in his class who was doing theses. 

Her supervisor, who was in her fifties, wanted her to come to my bedroom until the thesis was completed. The supervisor started texting her, her work would be rejected as much as the girl did. After a while, when the girl got bored, she asked, "What's the matter?" The answer 

I said sir come to my office after class and meet me and I will explain everything. After class the girl went to his office, Sir offered tea and in words expressed his wish that if he is ready to do this job then I will pass with good marks and the thesis will be the best but he will do the thesis himself. 

Will prepare For three to four days the girl kept thinking and finally she was ready to obey the supervisor. After fulfilling her lust, the next day the girl texted, in response to which the supervisor texted her and made her even more embarrassed. 

He taught the messages to all the classmates so that they could stand with him and complain to the administration against the supervisor, but unfortunately not a single student stood up for him and he had to leave M.Phil out of embarrassment. Harassment of women According to the data released by the Federal Ombudsman Secretariat for protection from 2016 across Pakistan
Our education system is reaching the brink of decline. 

Exploitation of female students by male teachers in the name of grades and marks is an open fact which is expressed from time to time in various forums. In most cases, the students feel safe in poor silence. If anyone dares to speak out, then only the complainants are found guilty or the matter is handed over to the files by forming committees and at most some fictitious action is taken to silence the affected party. 

Criminal-minded teachers and administrators work well together in difficult times. How can such crimes be committed with complete confidence and without collusion?

The 'Me Too' campaign, which began in October 2017, has a clear impact on the 2018 figures. Compared to 2017, the number of reported sexual harassment cases increased by 309% in 2018.


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