Tuesday, September 15, 2020


Sher towards her..she heard the sound of the tune she went further down ... the tune had such sweetness and charm that she was far behind her She came out and she forgot how far she had gone from the other girls.

Now that tune was playing near her. She saw a boy sitting on a high rock with a guitar in the shade of a bush. Was playing she stood up and listened to him ... how much money was in her song.

The boy could not see her because it was towards the boy's back but suddenly his foot slipped And there is a voice she got scared the boy also heard the voice and turned back.

He moved towards her but she stood up immediately you? Here how alone She was scared she didn't answer then she looked around she was going too far ... and now she had forgotten the way back where did that fish god come from and now how.

 Can I go back she yells the boy said can i help you, I'm here to hear the sound of the guitar but now i think i'm lost Anjan was looking at the girl in amazement who has heard the sound of her guitar from so far away how will you go back now she spoke at once you deliver me please both of you Looked at each other eyes met and then bowed sorry I meant I don't remember the way now everyone will be looking for me if you Help.

There was no choice then even though the boy was ignorant but at that time he could help him. OK, let me leave you to the main road A smile spread on his face and a dimple appeared The boy looked at the dimple and then started moving forward Half way passed in silence The girl was shivering from the cold You haven't even worn anything You've walked so far in the cold without a sweater You take my coat.

Thank you very much but the coat I was taking it off myself. I wanted to feel cold why don't you feel cold? But what is in the air of Murree is not much else boy play the guitar very well boy smiled again my name is fairy and yours in his style There was a lot of innocence It seemed that Shahid didn't like the air of this world My name is Diamond Then there was a long silence and they both reached the main road Thank you very much .. Baba said don't trust anyone but you are very good you helped me ...

On the other hand, everyone was getting upset for the fairy. Her friend Kaush hugged her first and then scolded her a lot. She said that she had gone down a lot and it was too late for her to return. Shahid deliberately misinterpreted diamonds. After that, they went to the park. The fairies sitting in different swings also enjoyed themselves. Then they had lunch at a nearby hotel. When he came from, he had to stay for a day and go back. Everyone was walking around till evening. 

They were on the Mall Road. The fairy told Kaush about the diamond. She had gone too far after hearing the tune of his guitar. If he took you many more, I wish he is not like that. The fairy said confidently, "Stop it, fairy. How can you trust an unknown person? If something happened, then no. Now both of them are walking quietly to a stall and Kashmiri Please tell, whats the story of them big puppys .....What will you do? The fairy said to correct Kaush's mood and look, don't be angry, when am I angry with me? I was mad, she was just saying for you. 

Kaush pulled her cheek. Suddenly the fairy's eyes fell on a stall He pointed to Kaush. Look at this stall. He is a diamond. Kaush saw a handsome and dignified man standing. Let me meet you. The fairy said excitedly, "O fairy, I can't meet you now. He helped you. The fairy will be sad, but the diamond was coming towards her. 

They both started looking at each other. She approached them. Kaush grabbed the fairy's hand and told her to walk. Islam and peace be upon her, the fairy does not understand what she said. I live here, I saw you, he came to you, he smiled, and then the diamond saw that dimple, then he looked around, this is my friend, this is the diamond, this is the diamond, this is the diamond. It's good that you've got me here"Let's go, let's go Diamond called out to her. The fairy turned to him and hoped to see him again.

We will go back tomorrow. The fairy said in frustration ... Diamond remained silent. The fairy looked back and saw that the effort had gone too far. Diamond immediately said I will go as far as you have to go. ..No no no i will go..but diamond insisted so they both started walking towards hotel fairy told diamond about her family that she and her father live in lahore.

Fairy 'S mother was suffering from cancer three or four years ago and she passed away due to the disease ... Sorry to hear this ... Fairy just smiled but now she didn't have dimples Very bad I don't think he should have asked that question When the fairy asked, Diamond told her that her parents had died when she was five years old and since then her aunt had raised her. The fairy was very sad to hear this she just remained silent.

Fairy if I say one thing, you will not consider it bad ! No matter what I want us to stay in touch I don't know why I'm doing all this but did you get in touch with me! This is my number, if you ever think that you should talk to me, I will do it I will wait, Allah Hafiz and the fairy was watching him go..and he disappeared the
fairy entered through the gate of the hotel


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