Tuesday, September 8, 2020

What does Mars look like ? CRN Gameloop Version 1.0.0

Mars, our planet's neighbor, has been using rivers, ponds, and oceans for millions of years. But today there is no water supply at that level. This planet is still uninhabited and desolate.

The sky of Mars

If we stand on Mars and look at the sky, we will see a star-like bright point. This little dot is our land. Life is growing on this planet, which is millions of kilometers away from this deserted planet. We can see clouds in the morning sun.

North Pole

North Pole of Mars is covered with snow like our earth. It is as if all the liquid of Mars has accumulated in the form of ice at the North Pole.

The atmosphere of Mars

There are always sandstorms on Mars. Therefore, the atmosphere here is always sandy in most places. Its gravity is less than 38% of the Earth's, so dust often dissolves in the atmosphere for months at a time. Due to which sometimes sunlight reaches the earth very late.

In 2007 there was such a big sandstorm that the sunlight did not reach the land of Mars for 6 months. The storm spread over 25 million square kilometers. Due to this situation, the rover sent by NASA was also stopped due to unavailability of battery charging. 

One such storm had resurfaced for a while in which NASA lost its rover. In June 2001, there was a hurricane that covered 55 km of dust, covered Mars, and the inspection of the surface of Mars was stopped for a long time by the Hubble Telescope.

The atmosphere of Mars contains 95% carbon dioxide. The air here is very thin and the red rays of the sun penetrate easily into the atmosphere.

The surface

of Mars appears red due to the abundance of iron oxide in the sand. Land of sand and rocks can be seen all around.
Olympus Mons This is a volcanic mountain. It is the largest mountain not only on Mars but in the entire solar system. This mountain is 22,000 meters high and 3 times bigger than Everest.

The temperature on

Mars is cold. It stays around C-20-125 C.

South Pole

This is the South Pole of Mars and the whole of it is covered with a sheet of ice.

Today we are looking for life on this red planet. Many of the secrets of this face-to-face world are still unknown. There may have been life here in the past or life may have flourished below the surface of Mars. However, nothing can be said about it ye.


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